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Wine and Cheese, April 23, 2014

The Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network (QAHN) cordially invites you to a Wine & Cheese!
Hosted by QAHN’s Montreal Committee, this informal get-together will be a wonderful chance to learn more about what QAHN is doing, and to exchange ideas about the challenges currently facing the heritage community in Quebec. A variety of heritage-related materials will be on display. We will also be showing off our new interactive website, “Mapping the Mosaic: Montreal and Its Diverse Neighbourhoods” Copies of our DVD, “English-speaking Quebec in 100 Objects,” will be available, as will the Spring 2014 issue of Quebec Heritage News! We look forward to seeing you!

WHEN: Wednesday, April 23, 2014, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

WHERE: Centre de ressources communautaires de Côte-des-Neiges, 6767 Côte des Neiges Road, Suite 697, in Montreal.
RSVP before April 15: Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network office, or call toll free 1-877-964-0409.


REGISTER NOW for QAHN’s upcoming “Security for Heritage” conferences!

“Security for Heritage” conferences will be taking place in Quebec City, Montreal, the Eastern Townships, the Outaouais and the Gaspé. Topics include physical security (for buildings and premises), collections security (protection from theft and degradation), virtual security (digital vandalism), and security for staff and volunteers (insurance concerns).

Members of QAHN and the general public are invited to register early. Space is limited.


April 26, 2014, Teapot 50+ Community Centre, Lachine, Quebec

Register now for our 2-hour workshop called “Worms, Viruses, Hackers and Spam: Staying Safe in the Digital World.” This event, led by Rohinton Ghandhi, will focus on ways to protect
your information from computer intruders, on simple practices that can keep potential identity thieves at bay, and on how to detect and deal effectively with dangerous PC infections. Essential information for the digital age!

Click here to download the program for this event!

May 1, 2014, Eaton Corner Museum, Eaton Corner, Quebec
The May 1st conference takes place at the Eaton Corner Museum in Eaton Corner, in the Eastern Townships.

The morning session will focus on "Safeguarding heritage properties in rural settings." Guest speakers will include Karine Fortin of the Sûreté du Quebec; Bryan Carruthers, an insurance broker with Campbell, Bellam & Associates; Mike McKenna, fire chief with the Town of North Hatley; and Harry Isbrucker, past president of the Colby-Curtis Museum.

There will be two afternoon sessions. The first will focus on "Preventive conservation of archival photographs" and will be led by Chlöe Southam, director-curator of the Colby-Curtis Museum. The second session, titled "Caring for old books, papers, maps and other documentary heritage," will be hosted by Jody Robinson, archivist with the Eastern Townships Resource Centre.

Click here to download the program for this event!
Registrations are now being accepted. The deadline to register is April 11, 2014.

Click here to download the registration form!

For information on other upcoming “Security for Heritage” events in your area, contact QAHN at: (819) 564-9595; toll free (877) 964-0409, or


Saturday, June 7, 2014
Stanbridge East, Quebec
Stay tuned for more information!


2014 QAHN Heritage Essay Contest (for elementary school students)
Contest deadline: April 30, 2014.
For full contest rules, contact QAHN at: (819) 564-9595, toll free (877) 964-0409, or


2014 Heritage Photo Contest (for high school students)
Contest deadline: April 30, 2014.
For full contest rules, contact QAHN at: (819) 564-9595, toll free (877) 964-0409, or


“An Island of Stories” Contest
Students are invited to submit a brief essay to QAHN describing a location (such as a house, school or park), and its significance to their family history, with a photo of the location then and now, and to post their submissions to QAHN’s Mapping the Mosaic website Contest deadline: April 30, 2014.
For more information, contact QAHN at (819) 564-9595, toll free (877) 964-0409, or


Adult Learner’s Writing Contest

For a second year in a row, QAHN has partnered with The Learning Exchange to launch the Adult Learner's Writing Contest." In honour of Adult Learner’s Week, The Learning Exchange, in partnership with QAHN, is holding its second annual Adult Learner’s Writing Contest.
Adult writers 16+, currently attending an adult education or literacy program from across Quebec, are invited to submit their original stories, songs and/or poems about a notable person, special object, event, custom or tradition related to the heritage of the Anglophone community. Winners will be announced on the TLE website.

Three cash prizes of $100 each. All winners will receive certificates.
Winning stories/names will appear on TLE’s Facebook, Twitter, website and on partner’s websites and/or publicity items.

Submissions will be judged according to content, originality, grammar and clarity of writing.

Contest Details:
Entries must be typed in English, must not exceed 350 words and may include photos and/or social media applications to enhance the story or poem such as: video, PowerPoint, Book Creator, etc.

How to enter:
All entries must include a fully completed ENTRY FORM (printable PDF) and be sent to TLE via email by midnight April 30th.
E-mail to:
Please include in subject line: TLE Writing Contest
Information: 450-688-2933 ext. 3126

Click here for contest rules!
Click here for the entry form!


100 Objects DVD

“The Identity of English-speaking Quebec in 100 Objects.” A must for anyone trying to make sense of the patchwork that is English-speaking Quebec. To order a copy, send $13 (which includes s/h) to: QAHN, 400-257, Queen, Sherbrooke, Qc J1M 1K7. For non-QAHN members, add $2.00 per order. An excellent gift or fundraising tool. For bulk orders of 20 or more, send payment of $6 per DVD, plus $20 s/h. Order while supplies last!




Irish Fighting Stick Classes
Serie : Special Events

This unique course offers you a chance to learn an ancient Irish martial art, the Antrim Stick. This martial art has been transmitted from father to son for several generations and has roots in the very early history of Ireland. This course offers a glimpse of a living tradition which is rarely taught outside of the Emerald Isle. You will have a chance to learn the basic techniques, history and traditions of this art.
The course is appropriate for people ages 14 and over. It is taught by our museum curator, Maxime Chouinard, who is also the Director of Antrim Stick Canada.
Web Site:

WHEN: Sundays, from January 5 to May 25, 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
WHERE : Morrin Centre, 44 chaussée des Écossai, Quebec Citys
Languages: English/French
For more information or to reserve, please contact or 418-694-9147, ext. 230.
Price : $60 per session. (January 5th to May 25).





Purchase a ticket for one of the performances presented this week at Centennial Theatre and get a 2nd ticket for FREE. Offer is only valid when tickets are purchased in person or by telephone.
Call us now 819-822-9692 or email at



Women and Music
Featuring romantic works by female composers Clara Schumann, Claude Arrieu and Louise Farrenc. On this special o0ccasion, Montreal pianist Hugh Cawker will join the group for an unforgettabe evening of rarely heard gems.
Please note this is Estria / Uplands’ final production of the season

WHEN: Saturday, April 26 at 8:00 p.m.
WHERE: St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Sherbrooke (Lennoxville)

WHEN: Sunday, April 27 at 2:30 p.m.
WHERE: St. Elisabeth’s Catholic Church, North Hatley.

Easter Tea
WHEN: April 19, 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Costs: $10.

Small English Tea
WHEN: Saturdays and Sundays, 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m
Costs: $10.

Hommage à Lac-Mégantic
March 30th to May 25th, 2014

Sherbrooke - Following the tragic events in the town of Lac-Mégantic last summer, the Uplands exhibition committee has decided to honour Mégantic artists by mounting an exhibit which will bring together eleven artists of this region. The public is cordially invited to come and meet the participants at a vernissage to take place Sunday, March 30, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Uplands, 9 Speid St., Sherbrooke, borough of Lennoxville.

In addition, two “slam” poets, Marie-Pier Landry and Kyra Shaughnessy, will be present at the vernissage to share their poems inspired by the disaster.
Throughout the course of the exhibit, there will be an opportunity to make donations, which will be given to a cultural organization of the Lac-Mégantic region, selected by the participating artists.

The Hommage à Lac-Mégantic exhibit will continue until May 25, 2014.



Go with the Flow – Life by the water in the Eastern Townships
As part of the exhibition series DISCOVER YOUR PAST, the ETRC is opening its archives to share the treasures of several fonds and collections with the broader public. The exhibition showcases a small selection of the thousands of remarkable photographs in the ETRC’s collection. Go with the Flow – Life by the water in the Eastern Townships is a photograph exhibition that displays the life along rivers and lakes in the Eastern Townships of Quebec and takes you on a journey back in time.
Go with the Flow is an exciting look into the past of the Eastern Townships.

Discover the changes marked by the style of clothing and the quality and setting of the photographs. Although the exhibit’s timeframe from 1890 to 1950 reflects these changes throughout the decades, the timeless aspect of what it means to live in the Townships has not changed. The Massawippi, Memphremagog, St. Francis, and countless lakes have shaped the landscape of the Eastern Townships and the lifestyle of its people. In the beautiful region of the Eastern Townships, water has always been a place for leisure and escape. These pictures show that swimming, canoeing, and fishing have always been a source of fun and the timeless aspect of having picnics by the shore has remained the same. But living by the water means also living with the ever-present danger of flooding. However, spring, fall and winter floods and ice jams have also served to shape and grow our communities.

The ETRC is thankful for the cooperation with the North Hatley Library for giving us the opportunity to display our photographs in this beautiful building. The pictures will be displayed till May 18th, 2014 at the North Hatley Library (165, rue Main, North Hatley).

WHEN: Until May 18
WHERE: North Hatley Library, North Hatley (165, rue Main, North Hatley).

Children of the Eastern Townships
The Eastern Townships Resource Centre (ETRC) cordially invites you to attend its first photo exhibition at Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre, Lennoxville.

For the first time, the ETRC is opening its archives to share the treasures of several fonds and collections with the broader public. The exhibition showcases a small selection of the thousands of remarkable photographs in the ETRC’s collection. Kids! – Children of the Eastern Townships between 1890 -1930 is a photograph exhibition that displays the life of children in the Eastern Townships of Quebec and takes you on a journey back in time. The ETRC is thankful for the cooperation with the Lennoxville-Ascot Historical and Museum Society (LAHMS) for giving us the opportunity to display our photographs in this beautiful building.

WHEN: Until June 30
WHERE: Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre, 9 Speid St., Lennoxville



Marc Lincourt. La Grande Vague ou la mémoire de l’eau salée
La Grande Vague ou la mémoire de l’eau salée is a monument to the memory of the early Québec pioneers. This is an installation of two meters by ten meters representing a wave which symbolizes the crossing of our ancestors from France to America. Constructed from 400 books arranged to show the names of 400 pioneer families sculpted in bas relief -- names still belonging to 3.4 million Québecers -- it is the illustration of a grand voyage integral to the history of Québec and its cultural heritage as well as to that of the individuals who were part of it.

WHEN: Until May 18
WHERE: 241 Dufferin, Sherbrooke
Info : 819-821-2115

Toucher. L’art poétique de Jean McEwen
“There are two ways to judge a painting. One is based on the criteria and theories of art. The other rests on the sensations the work produces in us. I paint the second one.” Jean McEwen, 1956. Jean McEwen is considered to be one of the most influential abstract artists in Canada. His paintings have no relationship with nature; they are constructed by a stratification of opaque and translucent pigments. Several of his works in the museum’s collection show his research on the sensory effects of colour and the experience of pure sensation as well as on the capture of light. The layers of yellow, green and pink cover the canvas and give it an impression of depth and fluidity. Commemorating the 15th anniversary of McEwen’s death, the exhibition will show works drawn from the museum’s own collection as well as from others.

WHEN: From March 1 to October 19
WHERE: 241 Dufferin, Sherbrooke
Info : 819-821-2115




2014 Heritage Gaspé Historical Calendar
Still Available but in limited numbers
This calendar, consisting of historic pictures of the scenery and buildings of Gaspé is a wonderful reminder of home – Gaspé. Only $ 15.00!

Available at Cassidy Photo in Gaspé or by e-mail at -

Great Things Happening in Gaspe This Summer - don’t miss the opportunity to visit.

Heritage Gaspe/Heritage Gaspesie presents Tom Eden’s “Generation Sacrificed – The Gaspe Soldiers of the Great War”.

This photo and information exhibit, which is being held at St. James Anglican Church, July 28-Aug. 2, consists of 10 panels, each with a different theme outlining the activities of the war and the sacrifice of the lives of these young Gaspesians. Tom will also be available to share his project with the community at a conference.

A tour of the old Wakeham cemetery will take place as well as a pamphlet on the history of the church will be made available. The exhibit is free of charge but a good will offering would be appreciated. All proceeds will go towards St. James Church.

Generation Sacrified
The Gaspé Soldiers of the Grat War 1914-1918

WHEN: August 2, 1:30 p.m.
WHERE: St-James Church, Wakeham

Photo Exhibit
WHEN: July 28 to August 2, 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
WHERE: St-James Church, Wakeham

Famous Gaspesian Exhibit – New Richmond

Pioneer Days - Gaspe

Patterson Reunion - Gaspe

For information on any of these events contact – or



Douglastown Irish Week
The Douglas Community Center welcomes you to the 8th edition of its Irish Week to celebrate the history of its community. The activities include presentations to pay tribute to its predecessors, musical and dance workshops, community meals, shows and many informal gatherings to celebrate and value the Irish roots and culture of the Douglastown community.

WHEN: July 28 to August 3
WHERE: Douglas Community Center
Info: Telephone : 418-368-0288 or 418-368-7426



Artist: Sarah Biggs
The Stanbridge East Carrefour Culturel committee are happy to announce a concert with Sarah Biggs at the St. James Anglican Church in Stanbridge East

WHEN: April 2, 7:30 p.m.
WHERE: St. James Anglican Church, 15 Maple, Stanbridge East
Cost: $10. per person children under 10 yrs old are free
Info: 450-248-7827




Postcards Tell a Story
From: Until May 2014, Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum presents an exhibition entitled Postcards tell a story. Visitors will have the opportunity of discovering 250 types of postcards from the Exporail collection.

After revolutionizing the world of communications, the postcard rapidly became an essential promotional tool for railway companies. This exhibition highlights the story of the postcard and how it was linked to the railroad during its heyday from 1900 to 1948.

Miniature Trains
Extraordinary moments to treasure!
All year long!
This exhibition showcases a 4, 87 meter by 12, 5 meter HO scale (1/87 or 1 mm = 87 mm) layout, built by the Exporail's volunteers and members of the Montreal Railroad Modellers Association, in conjunction with Exporail.
It depicts typical Canadian railway operations and scenes with a train servicing terminal, industries, rural settings, a mining operation and a small town.
This exhibition of miniature trains contrast with the huge railway equipment full size on exhibit in our Angus pavilion.

WHERE: 110, rue Saint-Pierre, Saint-Constant
Info: Telephone: 450-632-2410; Courriel:



Lecture Series

Thursday, May 15, 2014
Speaker: Patrick Martin, Westmount City Councillor, Commissioner of Public Works.
Patrick Martin, the commissioner of Public Works for the City of Westmount will talk about the new Westmount Recreation Centre that was opened officially on Sept. 19, 2013. The first ice rink in the world ever built for hockey was in Westmount over 100 years ago. Now the two new hockey rinks have the distinction of being the 1st (and 2nd) underground rinks.

WHERE: Westmount Public Library, 4574 Sherbrooke St.,. West
Info: 514-989-5510 or 514-932-6688



Lecture: RMS Empress of Ireland
Speaker: Derek Grout
Derek Grout presents his new book on the Empress of Ireland. The ill-fated liner Empress of Ireland sank in the Gulf of St Lawrence, in front of Pointe-au-Père, in a collision in 1914. The hundredth anniversary of the sinking is May 29 and the book's release in Canada is scheduled for early April, in advance of the anniversary. Canada Post is supposed to be issuing two stamps to commemorate the event, and various museums across the country have scheduled special exhibitions, most notably the Canadian Museum of History (formerly Canadian Museum of Civilization) in Gatineau, across from Ottawa.

Lecture in English, bilingual question period.

WHEN: Thursday, May 15, 2014, at 19:30

WHERE: Centennial Hall, 288 Beaconsfield Blvd, Beaconsfield, H9W 4A4
Information: 514-695-2502 or

At this lecture, you will be able to buy the book RMS Empress of Ireland, Pride of the Canadian Pacific's Atlantic Fleet by Derek Grout, at the price of $35.00.




Lost Landscapes
Up the Gatineau! with Google Earth

Join us as the GVHS marks Earth Day with an historical virtual tour up the Gatineau River. Society President, Marc Cockburn, will take us on multi-media voyage from Hull up to Low and beyond, using Google Earth and archival photos and maps to reconstruct how the river’s landscape looked before much of its natural and built environment was flooded in 1927.

WHEN: *Tuesday, April 22, 7:30 p.m. *(DATE MAY CHANGE)*
WHERE: The Wakefield Centre, 38, ch. Valley, Wakefield, QC

Pat Evans Archives •
Chelsea Library ● downstairs
Hours Monday & Wednesday, 1:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. or by appointment - 819-827-6224



KENMARE emigration to QUEBEC

The Kenmare Chronicle is a community based social history project set up in Kenmare, Co. Kerry, Ireland to record and research local history. We collect photographs, stories, papers..etc about the area. A lot of our research is actually carried out through facebook where we put up photographs for identification and also use them to gather information on a wide range of topics in the town’s history. One subject we are starting to look into for our next publication is the fate of emigrants who left Kenmare in the 1850’s to Quebec. At the time there was assisted emigration from the Lansdowne Estate and the Workhouse to New York, Boston , New Orleans and Quebec itself. The Kenmare emigrants in New York are well documented as they stuck together and became politically active but the Quebec contingent seem to have disappeared from our history. We are wishing to trace these to find out what happened to them and were wondering if anyone could help us out in this quest. We have the names of the ships and the number of passengers emigrating but no names or any further details.
Any help would be much appreciated. If you want to know more about the Kenmare Chronicle visit our facebook page and I can also send you a copy of our last two publications if you are interested.

Simon Linnell, Editor.



Museums Assistance Program

**Funding open year-round**

Exhibition Circulation Fund:

This component assists museums with the costs of hosting a travelling exhibition originating from another museum or from a federal heritage institution.

Borrowing Artefacts from the Canadian Museum of History or the Canadian War

Support for borrowing artefacts from the Canadian Museum of History or the Canadian War Museum for exhibition purposes is available to museums, including small museums.

Funding priorities:

Exhibitions related to key events or figures in Canadian history and those related to anniversaries of nation-building milestones "On the Road 2017"
will be given priority.

Contact Information:

For more information about this component of the program or to obtain application forms, please consult Exhibition Circulation Fund - Borrowing Artefacts or Contact Us .