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La Rivière Dessert, by Amber Brennan, Secondary 3, Maniwaki Woodland High School, Maniwaki

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Category: natural heritage

La Rivière Desert passes right through Maniwaki. The river was used to transport logs to wood mills all over Quebec to be traded, cut, and sent to build houses, buildings, or furniture. It is important because without the river we wouldn’t have been able to be a part of the lumber trade in Canada. Log runners would help move the wood along the river because logs would cause a wood jam. Many years ago the job of a log runner would be a common job for men because the lumber trade was very important because we would give other countries lumber in return of important goods. Maniwaki is mainly known to be in the forestry industry because: it had a hockey team called The Foresters; there’s also a statue of a log runner in Maniwaki, and my school is named Woodland because that is what the town is known for.

Amber Brennan, Maniwaki Woodland High School, 2012.