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Lloyd's Tractor, by Esther Grebe, Secondary 3, Maniwaki Woodland High School (1st Prize, 2012 QAHN Heritage Photo Contest)

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Category: Cultural heritage

This tractor is Lloyd's companion. It's weathered many seasons but is still going strong. Like Lloyd himself it has seen hard times but is steady and dependable. His tractor allows Lloyd to live responsibly off the land. He does enough logging to sustain himself, but he's left the land relatively untouched. He doesn't enjoy cities or traveling, but prefers to have his feet rooted in good soil. Lloyd lives on the farm he grew up on but life was never easy. He's endured many hardships, even losing a finger to a saw. Nature is his passion. He enjoys putting out apples and carrots for deer, not to hunt them, but to watch and observe. He plays recordings of nature sounds in his basement and can recognize each animal's song. Lloyd's dream is to pass on his love of nature to the next generation. This tractor will help fulfill his dream.

Esther Grebe, Maniwaki Woodland High School, Maniwaki, Quebec, 2012.