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Paris Bird's Eye View, by Chloe Colantonio, Secondary 5, Laurier Senior High School, Laval

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Category: built heritage / cultural heritage

This photograph was one I took when in Paris, France, on the 2012 Europe trip with the school. I felt this photo was perfect for the cultural part of this project because it shows the beauty of Paris. This photograph was taken from a bird’s eye view, which really captures the significant landmarks of Paris. I love this photo because; you really get to see how a busy Paris day goes about. While having the streets filled with action, you still get to witness the still beauty of the distinctive architectures of the Paris homes, as well as the busy streets. The vibrant and dark colors in this photo get the viewer to witness how Paris has various sides to it.

Chloe Colantonio, Laurier Senior High School, 2012.