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Pursuing Our Basketball Dream, by Naomi Carson, Jessica Gélinas and Kyria Descôteaux, Secondary 5, Three Rivers Academy, Trois-Rivières

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Category: cultural heritage

The subject we chose consists of the basketball tournament that occurs yearly for all Quebec High Schools. We chose this as a heritage topic because this winter, we were part of the Tournament and enjoyed our weekend. We thought it would be an interesting subject considering we aren’t familiar with its history.

Since 1999, the school board has prepared an annual basketball tournament. This legacy of basketball was the predecessor of the EQRSB and has sprouted from their denominational origins. It has constituted English heritage for over 4 decades and is held by the Quebec Anglophone network.

This year, the 13th edition of the CQSB Basketball Tournament was hosted by QHS and was a resounding success! All 10 high schools participated amounting to19 teams overall. Over 200 players, coaches and volunteers enjoyed a weekend of competition and camaraderie. This event gathered students from various backgrounds, as members of the CQSB family.

Naomi Carson, Jessica Gélinas and Kyria Descôteaux, Three Rivers Academy, 2012.