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St. James Anglican Church, by Kimberley-Amber Dubois and Erika Hamel, Secondary 5, Three Rivers Academy, Trois-Rivières

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Category: built heritage

St. James Anglican church is where Anglicans in the Mauricie could go. This amazing church has many stories to tell. Such as, the ghost who lost his head and still is searching for it in the church. The city is taking it over and making it into an auditorium & a museum. But still are recognizing the cultural importance of keeping one of the oldest buildings in Three Rivers alive. Which leads us to the reason why we chose the St. James Anglican church; it is our way of remembering it and all the good memories that go with it. This church is in our opinion a great example of the Anglican Heritage since it has lasted over 300 years even though many people wanted it gone, it still survived.

Kimberley-Amber Dubois and Erika Hamel, Three Rivers Academy, 2012.