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St-Patrick’s Church, by Dominic Richard, Olivier Fortin and Jordan Lemire, Secondary 5, Three Rivers Academy, Trois-Rivières

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Category: built heritage

We, as a group, believe that the influence of the St. Patrick’s church in Trois-Rivieres had a greater impact than most people think. It wasn’t only a place for Anglophones to reunite and hold mass. It is a place where the few Anglophones could unite, feel at home and connect with the French culture. It eased their way of life in the French community and most of all, it gave them a reason to stay here and help the English community to grow. The church also attracted English speakers, who supported our school. Without them we could not have the privilege of being taught in English. With the decreasing influence of the religion in today’s society, we believe the church should be kept to remind people of our English heritage and to host events.

Dominic Richard, Olivier Fortin and Jordan Lemire, Three Rivers Academy, 2012.