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Teaching Us to Love in the Way He Loved to Teach, by Bianca Scatcherd, Secondary 5, Three Rivers Academy, Trois-Rivières

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Category: cultural heritage

We owe an immense gratitude towards a man for delivering an unforgettable amusing education to the current generation’s childhood. Bob McDuff has always considered learning as being more enjoyable if it is pleasurable. Born in Trois-Rivieres, Bob has attended English school and later taught English for a period of twenty-four years. Unfortunately, in 1997, Bob was forced to abandon his teaching occupation because his eyesight problems were becoming a severe nuisance. However, his passion for education wasn’t over, Bob McDuff became the great entrepreneur that he is known for today, and to me, a great inspiration. It is at this point that the McWiz games were born. These fun trivia games had a purpose of developing children’s education in French and English. He is now retired, but all I can say is: thank you. Thank you for reuniting my family and me for numerous evenings of cultural entertainment.

Bianca Scatcherd, Three Rivers Academy, 2012.