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When English Eyes Smile, by Lydia Dufresne, Secondary 5, Three Rivers Academy, Trois-Rivières (Honourable Mention, 2012 QAHN Heritage Photo Contest)

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Category: cultural heritage

My subject is the Influence of English schools in Three Rivers. I go to an English school and I think that it is very important for our society to have fluently bilingual citizens. Although my city is predominantly French, we have buildings (churches, schools and factories) that show that there is still an English community living here. I am part of this English community and so are my friends, although we mostly consider ourselves Francophone. I think that my topic constitutes heritage because to be accepted in my school, we need to have one English person in our family. Having at least one English parent or grandparent shows that the English language is a heritage I am connected to. This heritage will continue through me and my friends as parents. Our own kids will have this privilege and will contribute to the prosperity of my home province.

Lydia Dufresne, Three Rivers Academy, 2012.