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Membership and Benefits

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Core Members
Core members are organizations whose mandates are entirely focused on heritage preservation and promotion. Core members are voting members of QAHN and can elect a representative to the board of directors. They are listed on the QAHN website.

Membership is for the fiscal year April 1 to March 31, renewable in April.
$40.00 for 1 year;
$100.00 for 3 years;
$160.00 for 5 years.

Affiliate Members
Affiliate members are organizations whose mandates include heritage, but whose activities are not entirely devoted to heritage preservation and promotion in Quebec. They are listed on the QAHN website.

Membership is for the fiscal year April 1 to March 31, renewable in April.

$40.00 for 1 year;
$100.00 for 3 years;
$160.00 for 5 years.

Individual Members
Persons interested in Quebec's heritage and culture.

Membership is valid for one year from the date of activation of membership, regardless of date.

$30.00 for 1 year;
$75.00 for 3 years;
$120.00 for 5 years.


Quebec Heritage News
Members of QAHN receive the print magazine Quebec Heritage News four (4) times a year. The magazine is delivered to the address of the organization (or that of its main contact person). Members are also invited to submit stories to this magazine and to publicize their events in it. Currently, Quebec Heritage News is mailed to over 400 addresses across the province, giving QAHN and its members exceptional visibility.

To join QAHN / Subscribe to Quebec Heritage News, click here:

Quebec Heritage Web
QAHN's innovative, bilingual, and very popular on-line heritage portal, QuebecHeritageWeb, features heritage webmagazines for five (5) regions of Quebec: the Eastern Townships; the Laurentians; the Outaouais; the Gaspé; and most recently Montreal.

Overflowing with constantly updated information and photographs on Quebec history, heritage, and heritage-related news, these sites are wonderful ways to learn about our past -- and our culture. They are also excellent promotional tools for QAHN member-organizations situated in these various regions, many of whom maintain Web pages on these sites.

QAHN's long-term goal is to make sure that Quebec Heritage Web includes all regions of the province.

Should members wish, their email addresses will be added to HeritageLine. This is a group mailing in which QAHN makes sure the information that comes into our communications centre is distributed as widely as possible, as promptly as possible. Some notices and events simply can’t wait for the next Quebec Heritage News. If QAHN hears of a funding deadline, for example, we can let people know quickly. This is also where the advantages of being a network become apparent: your questions are distributed across a wider audience in the heritage field, increasing your chances of receiving answers. It’s also the perfect audience for your upcoming events. You can register an unlimited number of e-mail addresses with HeritageLine.

QAHN members can interact with other QAHN members via HeritageLine. Are you having an exhibit on Tuesday? Tell us about it! Problems with a fund-raiser? Ask your question, and other members may have suggestions. The principal aim of the Network is to encourage communications among members.

QAHN also uses HeritageLine to keep members informed of different funding opportunities. HeritageLine is a timely means of communicating, an important consideration when dealing with deadlines.

Send us news of your local societies, museum work, planned exhibits, events, successes, questions... HeritageLine is a place to advertise your organization or ask others, whatever might appear to be of interest to Anglophone heritage.

Heritage Trails
Upon request, members of QAHN will receive a complimentary set of all twenty (20) Heritage Trails. These trails are also posted on Quebec Heritage Web.

Information and Referral Service
And finally, QAHN members can contact us if they have questions, comments or concerns. QAHN is here to help.