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Help! Mystery Objects from Rawdon

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--August 9, 2012.

larger_untitled.jpgThe grandfather mentioned in the following email was a descendent of one of the early families to settle on a farm in Rawdon.

Beverly Prud'homme
Rawdon Historical Society
Rawdon, Quebec

"A couple of years ago I photographed some old wooden objects that my grandfather had among his personal possessions. No one in the family knew what they were for. The bottom object looks like something to polish or sharpen knives with. The first and second objects seem to be related. The dowel with the eyelets seems to fit in the opening of the first object. Would you have any idea?"


The two pieces at the top

The two pieces at the top probably do fit into each other.
Our guess is the your ancestor might have been involved in retail or a business where packaging that had to be tied was used, such as meat or dry goods.
The part with the wing nut would have been attached to something that was close to the ceiling. The dowel part was then be secured in the hole, but would have been removable so that the twine of the same or possibly different weight could fed be threaded through the eyes. The twine was then always hanging over the counter were it was handy for tying whatever. The twine was wound on spools and would have been high up out of the way. As I remember it, the twine was on a cone shaped spool.

My guess is your ancestor may have been a butcher.
Whatever meat that was sold would have been wrapped first in a wax paper followed by what we call a craft paper, then a string or twine was placed around four sides and tied.
A rolled roast would possibly have had a different string or twine.

This is just a guess, but if not correct, then it may give someone else a clue.