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Help Save Montreal's Falaise Saint-Jacques! Sign the Petition!

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January 19, 2016.

Help Save Montreal’s Falaise Saint-Jacques!

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The Saint-Jacques Escarpment is an eco-territory located in the Notre-Dame-de-Grace borough of the City of Montreal, just west of downtown. The area stretches for 3 km and covering 20 hectares of land.

This green zone is forested mainly by poplars and its position between the Mount Royal and the Lachine Rapids makes it an important area for migratory birds as well as a substantial population of brown snakes, a species with precarious conservation status.

Le minisistère des transports du Québec a coupé beaucoup d’arbres en dépit du fait que le térritoire soit désigné comme écoterritoire.

The Quebec Ministry of transport cut down many trees, despite the fact that it is designated as an eco-territory.

The mission of Sauvons la falaise is to ensure the protection the St. Jacques Escarpment Eco-territory. We understand that the Turcot project is a necessary infrastructure progam and are not against the project per se.

Already, more than a hectare has been bulldozed and there is no Plan in place for the remainder which citizens are allowed to see.

The Falaise St. Jacques is located just south of St. Jacques boulevard stretching 4 kilometers from the Montreal West Interchange to Decarie. It is one of 10 supposedly protected ecoterritories on the Island of Montreal. It is vital for three reasons:
1) It is an important bird migration route
2) It is central to any greenbelt (ceinture vert) which could be created on the Island
3) It stops erosion and keeps St. Jacques St. at the top of the escarpment (rather than the bottom).

We need all the green spaces we have in Montreal. Montreal has less green space than almost any other major city in Canada and has pledged to keep 10% of the Island green while it continues to destroy green spaces at an alarming rate. We need to keep what we have!

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