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Heritage Leaders of Tommorow

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--September 13, 2011.

The Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network (QAHN) is developing a program of learning activities for young Quebecers who are interested in exploring and celebrating the history and heritage of their home communities.

larger_inherit_website_promo_1_copy.jpgInspiring Heritage Engagement, Renewal and Identity Together (InHerit) aims to build links between schools and volunteer organisations by helping youth contribute to local history and heritage preservation projects.

Partnering with community museums and historical societies can be a powerful learning strategy for educators, providing students with the chance to better understand the place where they live, and to learn what is unique about their local history, geography, environment, culture and society.

Some examples of projects include:

• Helping to research and mount a community history exhibit
• Creating and animating walking tours
• Conducting oral-history interviews
• Volunteering at a local museum
• Carrying out basic conservation work, such as painting or yard-work around historic landmarks, buildings and heritage sites


Community organisations who would like to participate in this initiative are encouraged to send a brief outline of one or more proposed InHerit activities to Dwane Wilkin, project manager, by email:


Activities supported by the InHerit program must meet three basic criteria:

1. They engage English-speaking youth in tangible activities that support the goals of the volunteer heritage sector.

2. They give youth a chance to learn about their local community.

3. They involve a collaboration with more than one local partner, i.e. Community Learning Centres (CLCs), schools, municipal and/or regional government bodies, local businesses, etc

During the course of the 2011-2012 academic year, QAHN and its partners will present a series of workshops to inspire more great ideas for community-based learning.

Funding for the InHerit initiative is provided by the Department of Canadian Heritage. Limited financial support for participating volunteer organisations is available to help defray costs related to overseeing local activities.