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The Musical Heritage of Douglastown Preserved

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--December 11, 2014.

larger_glenn.cd_.pngThe CD-booklet Douglastown: Music and Song from the Gaspé Coast was released on July 30, 2014.

The CD was recently awarded the Prix Mnémo for 2014.

This CD-booklet is the result of a research project initiated by the Douglas Community Centre to document the cultural life of the community from the early 20th century through the 1980s. It should be noted that Douglastown was long celebrated for the vitality of its musical life, and particularly for its annual St. Patrick’s Day concerts. Close to 60 community members were interviewed and many home recordings and photographs gathered. The CD and accompanying booklet are based on these collected materials.

At that point Laura Risk and Glenn Patterson, both etnomusicologists and regular participants at the Douglastown Irish Week, took over. They conducted additional research and interviews and, by early 2014, had listened through and catalogued over 70 hours of recordings in order to select the most representative material for the CD. The 73-minute CD is enhanced by a bilingual booklet of 56 pages that contains, among other documentation, descriptions for each of the 46 tracks. The tracks are primarily of instrumental music (fiddle, harmonica, accordion, pump organ); there are also several songs and spoken anecdotes in English.

The CD-booklet is available for purchase from the Douglas Community Centre for $20.00 (taxes included), by telephone or email order (taxes, shipping and handling included) $25.60 in Canada or $28.00 to the United States. Payment by money order, cheque or VISA.