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New Name for Gaspesian British Heritage Village: Duthie's Point

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--September 10, 2015.


This year has been a time of reflection for the board and staff of the Gaspesian British Heritage Village.

With ongoing challenges that many interpretation sites face, there is a need to develop new ideas that will allow us to offer a quality product to the community and tourists alike. It is clear that operating as a historical village - complete with costumed staff, animals and daily activities - can no longer be sustained.

Therefore, a decision has been made to focus on presenting the authentic nature and history of this 82-acre site called Duthie’s Point. Named after Scottish brothers John and George Duthie who came to the area in the late 1700s, the site has a fascinating history.

Situated where the Cascapedia River meets Chaleur Bay, Duthie’s Point was home to a bustling port, a shipyard, a tavern regularly attacked by pirates, Loyalists and a lighthouse – all integral to the little-known maritime history of New Richmond. There are countless stories not yet told and as we carry out research, we will share these stories with you.

After numerous name changes over the years, we believe returning to the geographical name of the site makes the most sense.

As we move forward under the banner of Duthie’s Point, work is now underway to save and preserve the buildings, artefacts and stories of the site. Rest assured that safeguarding the heritage of the English-speaking community will continue to be one of our priorities.

-Kim Harrison, Director