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QAHN Project "Housewife Heroines" Funded

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--September 2, 2015.

larger_victory.garden_0.jpgQAHN is pleased to announce that its new project, "Housewife Heroines: Anglophone Women at Home in Montreal during World War II," has now been funded.

With primary funding through the World War Commemorations Community Fund of the Department of Canadian Heritage, Housewife Heroines will tell the chapter of a little-known, fascinating World War II story: Canadian women’s contribution to the war effort through their unpaid work at home. The project's focus is on English-speaking housewives of Montreal, the center of Canada’s Anglophone official language minority community (OLMC). These women shared a language but represented a rich ethno-cultural diversity.

These women mobilized their efforts on two fronts:
• Economic: innovative acts including recycling, salvaging, planting victory gardens, making do with rations and contributing to wartime savings programs;
• Military: preparing care packages for overseas troops and POWs, practicing civil defense procedures, organizing canteens for troops and setting up blood-banks.

QAHN's mission is to promote a greater understanding of the history of Quebec’s English-speaking communities by informing, inspiring and connecting people through its activities. "Housewife Heroines" will fulfill the mission through the production of three community heritage workshops, a travelling exhibit, five articles for publication in the magazine Quebec Heritage News, the publication of images, texts, and/or interviews online on QAHN's Montreal Mosaic WebMagazine, and a celebratory event on Women’s Day 2016.

Housewife Heroines will bring together seniors and other community members including the cultural communities, collaborators from QAHN member-organizations devoted to neighbourhood and ethno-cultural heritage including Montreal's Black community, and members of QAHN’s staff and Montreal Committee.

Historians Dr. Lorraine O’Donnell and Patrick Donovan (PhD candidate) will head the research team, with ongoing administrative support from the QAHN office.

For more information on this project, contact the QAHN office at (819) 564-9595 / toll free 1 (877) 964-0409. Or email us at