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Amy Bilodeau

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Amy Bilodeau
Quebec City
Volunteer management; program development.
418-684-5333 ext. 1550

Amy Bilodeau was born at the Jeffery Hale Hospital in Quebec City, the very same establishment for which she now collaborates with in her responsibilities as Volunteer Coordinator for the Jeffery Hale Community Partners these past 4 years. Her undergraduate degree in psychology with a minor in professional writing has served her well in volunteer resource management and its unique demands. She manages volunteer involvement for over 17 programs and one very well-known Quebec City Community Christmas Hamper Campaign. She is certified by the Volunteer Canada recognized Volunteer Experience Recognition Program (PREB) and has undergone the Essential Series by the Montreal Volunteer Bureau. Granted the Quebec City Woman’s Club Bursary for community involvement in 2007, Amy has long appreciated the innovative contributions that our unique cultural and linguistic minority community has to offer.