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Jean Dendy

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Jean Dendy
Province of Quebec
• Conservation of material cultural heritage • preventive conservation • Storage in oxygen-free enclosures • Conservation of mixed-materials • Conservation for objects on display • Conservation on a shoe-string budget. • Or suggest your own conservation-related topic
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Jean Dendy, a restorer with the Centre de Conservation du Québec, holds an M.A. in art conservation from Queen's University. She is a conservator working in the archaeology and ethnography conservation lab of the Centre de Conservation du Québec, an agency of the Ministry of Culture and Communications. She has been at the CCQ since 2010. Previously, she has worked or interned in several museum conservation labs, including the McCord Museum of Canadian History, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the Metropolitan Museum as well as working in private practice. Jean has worked on a gamut of diverse conservation projects ranging from the conservation of the furniture from the White House Reception Rooms, to underwater archaeological objects from the wreck of the “Elizabeth and Mary” to rare and precious historical First Nations objects to simple children's toys, all presenting a variety or organic and inorganic materials. Jean is well-versed in preventive conservation as well as risk-management techniques. She is currently conducting research on techniques for storage of museum objects in oxygen-free environments.