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Kevin O'Donnell

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Kevin O'Donnell
Montreal, Eastern Townships, West Quebec
Heritage issues impacting Quebec’s English-speaking communities. Topics concerning the histories of several regions of Quebec, including Montreal, the Townships, Western Quebec and the Gaspé. Kevin would also be happy to discuss lecture topics related to North America’s First Nations, European colonization of North America and its impact on indigenous societies, the clash of empires in the 18th century, the Seven Years War (the “French and Indian War” in the USA), and the War of 1812-14.
(450) 458-5948

Since 2008, Kevin O’Donnell has served as president of the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network (QAHN), an association of museums, historical societies, genealogical societies, libraries, archives, publishing companies and individuals interested in preserving the built, cultural and natural heritage of Quebec.

Long interested in history, Kevin scripted the multimedia series Quebec Mosaic during his time at Télé-Québec, the province’s public television network.

As president of the Hudson Historical Society (2003 – 2008), Kevin came to realize that heritage in all of its manifestations – not only buildings and landscapes, but also as embodied in stories, shared experiences and ways of doing things – is a vital resource for a community to draw upon as it forges its ever-evolving identity.

Kevin has given presentations to numerous historical and heritage associations in the Greater Montreal area, the Eastern Townships and in the Outaouais. He has also contributed several articles to QAHN’s print magazine, Quebec Heritage News.