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OPEN LETTER FROM QAHN: Quebec's Heritage and Its Future

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--June 9, 2020.


The Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network (QAHN), a province-wide network of organizations and individuals that works to promote the preservation of the heritage of the province’s English-speaking communities, welcomes the conclusions and recommendations of Quebec’s Auditor General in regards to heritage policy in her latest report.

We have seen an unprecedented amount of destruction of built heritage in the last few years with little reaction from our government. As the Auditor General noted, La Loi sur le patrimoine culturel in 2012 delegated many powers to the municipalities regarding the preservation (or not) of heritage sites and buildings but without much guidance or support. The results have been catastrophic. Municipalities lack the expertise to judge the heritage value of sites and are highly dependent on municipal tax revenues which serves as a major inducement to them to approve just about any real estate project, whatever harm it causes to local heritage sites.

We also note with interest the favorable reaction of the Minister of Culture to these recommendations and QAHN remains available to collaborate with the ministry to put in place an action plan to modify the law and provide the tools needed to preserve our heritage which is, after all, an important economic contributor to Quebec society.


Matthew Farfan
Executive Director, QAHN