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Cemetery Heritage in Quebec

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Cemetery Heritage in Quebec

Cemetery Heritage in Quebec: A Handbook. This book, written by Matthew Farfan and published by QAHN in 2008, is available in soft-cover format. The illustrated, 52-page handbook features a wealth of information on cemetery law in Quebec, cemetery associations, registered charities, fundraising, municipal citation of heritage sites, cemetery maintenance, gravestone repair, recruiting volunteers, and more.

As rural populations dwindle, assuring the care of historic cemeteries is becoming increasingly challenging. This handbook regards cemeteries "not merely as repositories of the dead, but as tangible links to the past, a part of our heritage to be cherished." It is designed as a reference guide for cemetery trustees and caretakers, and as a starting point for everyone interested in the preservation of Quebec's pioneer heritage.

Ordering Information: 

To order a copy of Cemetery Heritage in Quebec: A Handbook, send cheque or money order for $20.00 (including shipping and handling to anywhere in Canada) to QAHN, 3355 College, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada J1M 0B8. For more information, contact QAHN at (819) 564-9595 or at: [email protected].