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Security for Heritage Field Guide Series

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Security for Heritage Field Guide Series

This series of 10 bilingual field guides touches upon a wide range of issues of concern to heritage professionals and volunteers working to insure the security of heritage resources. Titles in the series include:

1) Artefacts in Storage: Conservation Methods and Principles for Museum Workers
2) Lighting for Conservation: Understanding and Controlling the Effects of UV Exposure
3) Temperature and Humidity: Achieving Optimal Conditions for Your Artefact Collection
4) Workplace Safety: Securing a Healthy Environment for Visitors, Volunteers and Staff
5) Caring for Photographs: Best Practices for Handling, Displaying and Storing Photographs
6) Handle with Care: Guidelines for Working with Historic Artefacts and Archives
7) Collections Basics: Principles for Acquiring, Accessioning and Deaccessioning Heritage Objects
8) Crisis Planning: A Framework for Risk Management in the Community Sector
9) Crime Deterrence: Protecting Historic Buildings and Cultural Sites from Thieves and Vandals
10) Pest Control: Dealing Effectively with Unwanted Visitors to the Museum

Ordering Information: 

To order a set of bilingual Heritage Field Guides, please send $20 (which includes s/h) to: QAHN, 3355 College, Sherbrooke, Quebec J1M 0B8. For non-QAHN members, add $2.00 per order. Order while supplies last!