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My Quebec Roots Heritage Video Contest (1st Prize Winner): "St. Lambert," by Cohen Aitchison-Dugas

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Sponsored by the Quebec Community Groups Network, in association with the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network (QAHN), the English-Language Arts Network (ELAN), and the Quebec English School Boards Association (QESBA), the My Quebec Roots video contest encouraged young Quebecers to get in touch with their roots and share the unique stories of their families and communities.

1st Prize: "My Quebec Roots: St. Lambert," by Cohen Aitchison-Dugas, who recounts the history of his South Shore community of St. Lambert, and his family’s multicultural roots which are a blend of Indigenous, French, German, Scottish and English.

2nd Prize went to Amanda Gallibois-Robertson, for "Life in La Tabatière," which describes life in the fishing village of La Tabatière on the Lower North Shore, where several generations of her family have lived since her ancestor Samuel Robertson purchased the bankrupt seal fishery in 1820.

3rd Prize went to Victoria Marsh, for "Where It All Began," which recounts her family’s passage from Wales in the 1600s to Massachusetts and Vermont before crossing north to Quebec in the early 1800s to establish themselves in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.