Special QAHN Award

Year of Award:
Special QAHN Award

Marion Greenlay:
At its 2013 convention in Stanstead, the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network (QAHN) presented a Special QAHN Award to its long-time bookkeeper and volunteer-par-excellence Marion Greenlay of Sherbrooke.

This award recognized Marion’s “steadfast dedication to the financial wellbeing of the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network as volunteer bookkeeper.”

Dick Evans, QAHN’s volunteer treasurer, was on hand to present Marion with her award. He highlighted her many years of behind-the-scenes work for QAHN, mentioning as well her “important ongoing contributions” to other local organizations, such as Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre, the Lennoxville-Ascot Historical and Museum Society, and the Townships Sun, among others.

For her part, Marion expressed surprise upon receiving this award. “When I heard Dick speaking though, I realized, oh my gosh, he’s talking about me! I was totally surprised.”

Matthew Farfan, QAHN’s Executive Director, said that Marion Greenlay was an indispensible factor in the success of the heritage network. “She’s always there – always working so hard behind the scenes; she rarely gets the glory,” he said. “Well, I’m just delighted that this bookkeeper is getting a bit of glory. She deserves it.”