Townships Photo Trivia: Mills and Mill Towns

Matthew Farfan
Townships Photo Trivia: Mills and Mill Towns

--November 9, 2017.

larger_1_2.jpg1) This village, located in Orford Township and home to a sawmill, was the scene of a fair amount of logging activity in the late 1800s? What was it called?
a) Saint-Élie-d'Orford
b) Deauville
c) Rock Forest
d) Cherry River

larger_2_2.jpg2) This village, dominated by the Pinacle, developed at the site where the Niger River drains Lake Lyster at its north end. It was here that the Baldwin family built their sawmill.
a) Coaticook
b) East Hereford
c) Barnston
d) Baldwin Mills (could be a trick question; is this too obvious?)

larger_3_2.jpg3) This photo, taken c.1905, depicts the mill pond and spillway in what picturesque town?
a) Granby
b) Knowlton
c) North Hatley
d) Sutton

larger_4_2.jpg4) The sawmill depicted in this photo, was situated on the North Missisquoi River, that is, until they were swept away in the flood of 1927. Name the village!
a) Mansonville
b) Frelighsburg
c) Sutton
d) Abercorn

larger_5_2.jpg5) The first mills in the Eastern Townships were grist or flour mills, and many of our oldest settlements grew up around these establishments. The mill seen here harnessed the power of the Southeast Yamaska. What village was it?
a) Farnham
b) Cowansville
c) Granby
d) Yamaska

larger_6_2.jpg6) A number of villages in the Townships take their names from the men who built their first mills. This town is one of them. Name it!
a) Sawyerville
b) Kilborn's Mills
c) Hyatt's Mills
d) Eastman

larger_7_2.jpg7) The massive stone grist mill built in this town in the early 1800s operated until the 1960s. Today it is a private residence. What town is it?
a) Sutton
b) Knowlton
c) Frelighsburg
d) Dunham

larger_8_4.jpg8) The Berthiaume Mill on the Yamaska survived until the 1950s. Name the town!
a) Farnham
b) Granby
c) Cowansville
d) Magog

larger_9_1.jpg9) The powerful stream flowing through this village gave rise to a number of water-powered mills and factories. See here is Penman's, a manufacturer of cotton and woollen underwear. Name the town!
a) Sherbrooke
b) Magog
c) Drummondville
d) Coaticook

larger_10_1.jpg10) Like most of the larger towns in the region, Sherbrooke (seen here c.1900) was built around water power and mills. What was Sherbrooke's original name?
a) Sherbrooke Mills
b) Ascot Mills
c) Hyatt's Mills
d) Hunter's Mills

All photos courtesy of the Matthew Farfan Collection.

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