Townships Photo Trivia: Industry

Matthew Farfan
Townships Photo Trivia: Industry

--November 9, 2017.

larger_1_3.jpg1) The Magog River powered several large factories in Sherbrooke. What was this one called?
a) Kayser Silk
b) The Paton Mill
c) Dominion Textile
d) None of the above

larger_2_4.jpg2) This massive factory opened in Drummondville in 1926. What was it called?
a) Canadian Celanese
b) Canada Paper
c) Penman's
d) Dominion Shoe

larger_3_3.jpg3) This factory in Rock Island had an international workforce. Name it.
a) The Lay Whip Factory
b) Dominion Corset
c) Butterfield's
d) Canada Tool and Die

larger_4_3.jpg4) The Canada Paper Company's St. Francis Mills in what town were the largest pulp and paper operation in the country when they were built at the turn of the last century?
a) Richmond
b) Drummondville
c) Windsor Mills
d) East Angus

larger_5_3.jpg5) This factory in Bedford was built in the 1880s to manufacture what product?
a) Silk thread
b) Needles
c) Hair pins
d) Thimbles

larger_6_3.jpg6) At the beginning of the twentieth century, Sherbrooke's Paton Woollen Mills employed a workforce of men, women and children. About how many people worked here?
a) 200
b) 400
c) 750
d) 1,500

larger_7_3.jpg7) Waterville, seen here circa 1910, has been home to several factories. These companies have included:
a) Dominion Snath Company (scythe handles)
b) George Gale and Sons (mattresses)
c) Waterville TG (weather stripping)
d) All of the above

larger_8_5.jpg8) Dominion Textile in Magog, seen here c.1900, specialized in what product?
a) Silk
b) Wool
c) Cotton
d) Rubber

larger_9_2.jpg9) Brompton Pulp and Paper set up shop in which town in the 1880s?
a) East Angus
b) Magog
c) Granby
d) Bromptonville

larger_10_2.jpg10) Imperial Tobacco, seen here c.1915, built this plant in the early 1900s in which town?
a) Granby
b) Cowansville
c) Huntingville
d) Sherbrooke

All photos courtesy of the Matthew Farfan Collection.

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