QAHN RESOLUTION: "Place Names and Monuments That Reflect the History and Heritage of English-speaking Quebec"

--June 26, 2018.


The following is an official extract of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network (QAHN), held in Quebec City on June 9, 2018:

"Whereas the history and heritage of Quebec’s English-speaking communities is reflected in the province’s landscape and built heritage;

Whereas the place names and monuments that reflect the English-speaking history and heritage of Quebec speak to the important contribution that English-speaking communities have made, and continue to make, to the social, political, cultural and economic history of the province;

Whereas the preservation of place names and monuments that reflect the history and heritage of Quebec's English-speaking communities are important for English-speaking citizens to maintain a sense of place and belonging in the province, now and in the future;

Whereas the history and heritage of English-speaking communities is a legacy that belongs to all Quebecers;

Be it resolved that the Quebec Anglophone Heritage network strongly urges the Commission de toponymie du Québec to at all times respect the historic contributions of Quebec’s English speaking community builders."

Proposed by: Grant Myers;
Seconded by Richard Evans.
All in favour.