Townships Photo Trivia: Riding the Rails, Part 3

Matthew Farfan

--September 6, 2018.

The nineteenth and early twentieth centuries saw a huge railway boom across the Eastern Townships. It was driven by the need to access raw materials, a desire for quick transportation, the growth of industry, and a mania to build more and more branch lines. Literally dozens of railway companies competed for territory and markets.


1) "Glenton" (seen here c.1920) was the name of the railway stop in what community?
a) Glen Villa
b) Bolton Glen
c) Glen Sutton
d) Glen Campbell


2) This view shows the Scotstown station around 1930. What was the cylindrical structure on the left used for?
a) Storing water for the locomotives
b) Storing coal
c) Storing unclaimed baggage
d) Observing traffic along the railroad tracks


3) Thetford Mines station was on the line of which railway?
a) The Quebec Central
b) The Boston & Maine
c) The St. Lawrence and Atlantic
d) All of the above


4) This scene, taken in front of the Danville station around 1910, depicts what event?
a) The Governor General's arrival
b) The election of Sir Wilfrid Laurier as Prime Minister
c) Cheese Day
d) Townshippers' Day


5) The narrow-gauge railroad scene here in Thetford Mines around 1900 is loading up with what product?
a) Iron ore
b) Copper
c) Asbestos
d) Tin


6) The Coaticook station in this photo, which still stands today, was built in 1904 by which railway giant?
a) The Grand Trunk Railway
b) The Missisquoi Valley Railway
c) The Passumpsic Railway
d) Via Rail


7) This view shows Kingsey station around 1910. What was the term for the deck on which these two men are standing?
a) The siding
b) The platform
c) The landing
d) The sidewalk


8) A few towns in the Eastern Townships had their own electric street railways, or trolleys. This photo shows a downtown scene in which town?
a) Sherbrooke
b) Drummondville
c) Cowansville
d) Granby


9) And here is a view of a streetcar at the corner of Queen and College streets. But in which town?
a) Sherbrooke
b) Lennoxville
c) Waterloo
d) Knowlton


10) This photo shows a trolley belonging to the Sherbrooke Street Railway Company. Up what street is the trolley heading ?
a) Frontenac
b) King East
c) King West
d) Marquette

All photos courtesy of the Matthew Farfan Collection.

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