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QAHN Hosts "Transatlantic" Launch of London Journal of Canadian Studies (March 23, 2021)

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QAHN hosted an online "transatlantic" launch yesterday of a special issue of the London Journal of Canadian Studies. Edited by QAHN members Jon Bradley and Sam Allison, this issue of the Journal features a number of important articles that re-examine the turbulent years between the 1763 Treaty of Paris and 1867 Confederation. The paths from separate and diverse colonies to the beginnings of a united country were fraught with intrigue, adventure, and conflict.

Journal contributors, all giving presentations as part of this event, included: Sir Nicholas Bayne, Former British Diplomat & High Commissioner to Canada; Dick Pound, Chancellor Emeritus McGill University, Senior Member of the IOC; Dr. Damien-Claude Belanger, University of Ottawa; John Bird, a member of a Manitoba First Nations community and Doctoral Candidate/University of Saskatchewan; and Dr. Victoria Slonosky, Coordinator McGill University Data Rescue: Archives & Weather. 174 people participated in this event either on Zoom or on Facebook Livestream.