QAHN's 2024 Heritage Talks presents: "Tasting the Past: Food, Memory, and Belonging in Missisquoi County," with Tyson Rosberg

Man and woman with a wheelbarrow, c. 1920. Photo: Missisquoi Historical Society collections
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Who does not have a memory of fresh-baked bread or of grandma’s homemade cookies? Or a cherished family recipe, lovingly handed down across generations? Or a meal capable of whisking one back to childhood with only just a sniff or a taste? When we think about “history,” food may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, food has always been the keystone of human existence.

This talk will introduce audience members to the Missisquoi Museum and discuss some of the themes apparent from 2023’s exhibit Tasting the Past: Food, Memory, and Belonging in Missisquoi County. Reminiscences of food speak to a time when meals were prepared at home using homegrown ingredients, and when those who shared in these meals were connected by deep communal ties. Food might just be one of our closest gateways into the past.

Tyson Rosberg was born on Canada’s west coast, but has been living in Quebec for ten years. He obtained an undergraduate degree in British history at the University of Victoria, before pursuing graduate studies in Canadian history at Concordia University: his thesis focused on the lives of rural Canadians during the Great Depression, particularly on the prairies and in Anglophone Quebec. After completing his Master’s degree, Tyson pursued graduate studies in theology, and now serves as an Anglican priest. He is passionate about all things rural, keeps chickens, and lives with his mildly-unruly Labrador Retriever Roxy.

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