QAHN's 2024 Heritage Talks presents: "Welcome to the Whiteley Museum," with Eileen Schofield,Garland Nadeau and Louise Abbott

Workers surrounded by drying cod on wooden platforms, or flakes, pose for a photo on Bonne Espérance. Photo: Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador, VA 85-4
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The Whiteley Museum was named in honour of William H. Whiteley, inventor of the cod trap in 1871. Through this invention, Whiteley revolutionized cod fishing throughout Eastern Canada. The museum interprets the cod trap, the Whiteley family, and the fascinating natural and cultural history of the region. It features a model of Whiteley's extensive fishing installations on Bonne Espérance Island, near St. Paul's River, Qc.

Eileen Schofield is the president of the Whiteley Museum. Now retired, she worked for 20 years as an educator and 15 years as a school principal. Originally from Montreal, Eileen graduated from McGill University in 1982 and then came to work in St. Paul’s River. She became involved with the Whiteley Museum as she wanted to help preserve the culture and stories of the Coast. 

Garland Nadeau is a local historian and storyteller from St. Paul's River. He is also the vice-president of the Whiteley Museum.

Louise Abbott is the author of The Coast Way: A Portrait of the English on the Lower North Shore of the St. Lawrence. In the late 1990s, she served as a consultant to the Whiteley Museum, when it was just getting off the ground. Since 2022, she has collaborated with the museum on producing short documentaries about the traditional and contemporary way of life in and around St. Paul’s River. She is currently creating Islands of History, an illustrated book about the archipelagos of Old Fort and Blanc Sablon.

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