QAHN's 2024 Heritage Talks presents: "Being South Asian in Quebec: A New Online Exhibit from The Rang Collective," with Sunita Nigam

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With its new online exhibit, Being South Asian in Quebec, the Quebec-based, non-profit The Rang Collective: Arts for Solidarity, seeks to ‘visibilize’ South Asian histories and experiences across the province. This talk will introduce exhibit topics relevant to South Asian history and realities in Quebec, oral histories from members of South Asian communities, images archiving the communities’ presence in the province, and a newly commissioned choreography from Montreal-based Bollywood choreographer Rameez Karim. Exhibit topics include: South Asian theatre; queer activism in Montreal in the 1990s; the foundation of the Institute of Islamic Studies at McGill University; Bhutanese refugees in Quebec’s regions; searching for belonging as a religious minority in both Pakistan and Quebec, running an Indian restaurant in la belle province and more.

Sunita Nigam holds a Ph.D. in English from McGill University and completed a 2-year SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship in Theatre & Performance Studies at York University in 2021. Sunita has published on the racial, gender, and class dimensions of performance and culture in Quebec and Mexico, including stand-up comedy, blackface minstrelsy, burlesque, activist theatre, and urban design campaigns. Beyond her academic work, Sunita works as a consultant in the community sector across Quebec.

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