Simon Jacobs

Simon Jacobs
Region of Interest:
Quebec City

Jewish History of Quebec City; Canada's oldest active Jewish Cemetery: Beth Israel Ohev Sholom in Ste-Foy; Quebec City Common Gaol 1809-1867.

Other Info:

Simon Jacobs founded Exposition Shalom Québec in 2005, researching and producing an exhibition on the Jewish community of Quebec City. The exhibition was showcased for the 400th anniversary of Québec City in 2008. From 2009 until March 2012 he took on the roll of Executive Director of the Literary and Historical Society of Québec. Since starting there he has raised funds to complete the restoration of the Morrin Centre, managed the building project, and overseen the production of a permanent exhibit called 'Doing time: the Québec City Common Gaol' which opened in June 2011. He has also had a distinguished career as a professional musician, playing viola with the Quebec Symphony orchestra from 1989 until 2009.