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Department under the Official Languages Support Programs’ Community Cultural Action Fund (CCAF), 2014-2015:

The Call for Proposals launched by the Department under the Official Languages Support Programs’ Community Cultural Action Fund (CCAF) for the 2014-15 fiscal year:

The CCAF, a fund announced in the Roadmap for Canada’s Official Languages 2013–2018, will support and enhance cultural, artistic and heritage actions of official-language minority communities, and ensure outreach related to the diverse cultural, artistic, and heritage expressions of these communities.

Funding applications may be submitted by either one of the deadlines established for 2014-2015, that is, either, December 13, 2014 (for projects starting in June 2014) and April 14, 2014 (for project starting in September 2014).

Please find attached the CCAF guidelines, applicant’s guide and application form. It is recommended that you read the guide carefully before completing the application form, since no changes will be accepted once the application has been submitted. It is also important to provide all the documents required to complete the application (see Annex C of the application).

An original copy of the application form must be sent by mail (postmarked) or received by the Department (if submitted in person) at the latest December 13, 2013 or April 14, 2014, depending on the deadline selected, or they will not be accepted. Forms must be printed and signed by the individual authorized to represent the organization, and a copy of the electronic version would be appreciated. Funding applications will be reviewed based on the evaluation criteria outlined in the guidelines for the Community Cultural Action Fund. Funding will be allocated based on the availability of funds.

Please send your funding application to the CCAF Manager at:

Department of Canadian Heritage
Ms. Jacqueline Ritchi
Manager Official Language Support Programs and Aboriginal Peoples' Program
Guy-Favreau Complex, 200 blvd. René-Lévesque West Tower, 6th floor,
Montréal, Canada H2Z 1X4

Should you have any questions regarding your eligibility or if you would like to obtain feedback on your draft application, please contact: Ms. Danielle Azoulay, at 514-283-7698 or at, the CCAF contact for your region.


Bélanger-Gardner Foundation

In 1981, retired Université de Montréal Professor Gérard Gardner, Ph.D. (1897 – 1988) of Acton Vale, established the Bélanger-Gardner Fund to support research pertaining to the Eastern Townships. Dr. Gardner also donated a large number of books, photos, etc. to Bishop’s University. The books in question, the Bélanger-Gardner Collection, were placed in what was then the Laurie Allison Room in the John Bassett Memorial Library and continue to figure in Bishop’s Special Collections.

The Bélanger-Gardner Foundation has funds available to individuals, groups or associations for research on topics related to the Eastern Townships. These projects must comply with the following Protocol:

Protocol governing the establishment of the Bélanger-Gardner Fund

«... 2. The income from the Fund shall be used to gather, to catalogue and to make available documents and other material relating to the discovery, the colonization, the industrial and commercial development and the evolution of the population of the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

3. The expenditure of the income from the Bélanger-Gardner Fund shall be supervised by a committee of four Trustees »…« The committee shall meet at least once in each calendar year to authorize expenditures and to receive reports on the use to which the funds of the Foundation have been put … »

Submitting projects:

Research plans and budgets should be described in detail and applicants should provide any information deemed relevant to the application. The application must indicate whether sources of funding have been sought for the same project and whether any other sources of funding are anticipated. As the successful applicants may receive less that the full amount requested, each applicant must indicate whether the project can proceed with only partial funding.

Important: If you are submitting a project in French, please join an English summary with your request.

Please contact the foundation for application deadlines.

Please forward your requests to :

Bélanger-Gardner Foundation
Bishop’s University Library
2600 College St.
Sherbrooke, Québec J1M 1Z7

For more information: Contact Linda Lemay at