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Institutional Members

Member Contact Name Emailsort icon
Clan MacKinnon Society - Quebec G5V 1H9
78th Fraser Highlanders
Malvern Cemetery Co. General
4Korners Stephanie Helmer
Bibiothèque et Archives nationales Christine Hamel
West Can Folf Performing Company
Conseil local du patrimoine d'Austin Serge Wagner
Côte Saint-Luc Library
Literacy in Action
Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier Historical Committee
McGill Community of Lifelong Learning (MCLL)
St. Patrick's Society
Shaare Zedek Congregation
CWL Shannon
Canadian Irish Migration Preservation Network
Quebec South Asian Arts Collective / Rang Collective
Quebec Writers' Federation
Shannon Historical Society
Rang Collective: Arts for Solidarity
Whitely Museum
Bibliothèque Lennoxville Library
Musée Bruck Museum Suzanne Morin
Chaleur Bay Military Museum Gordon Dell
Musée Copp's Ferry Museum
Lennoxville & District Women's Centre
Pontiac Archives Em Morrison
Aylmer Heritage Association / Association du patrimoine d’Aylmer Sylvie Filion [email protected]
Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke (MBAS) [email protected]
Shoreline Press Angela Leuck, Publisher [email protected]
Château Ramezay-Musée et site historique de Montréal André Delisle [email protected]
Quebec Genealogical eSociety Johanne Gervais [email protected]
Société d’histoire de Sainte-Marguerite-du-lac-Masson et d’Estérel Anna Dupuis Zuckerman [email protected]
Avante Women's Centre Gayl Rhicard [email protected]
Scotch Road Cemetery Association Cecil McPhee [email protected]
Rawdon History Beverly Prud'homme [email protected]
Lac Brome Museum Arlene Royea [email protected]
Festival Bloomsday Montreal Judith Schurman [email protected]
Council for Anglophone Magdalen Islanders Helena Burke [email protected]
Cascapedia River Museum / Musée de la rivière Cascapédia Julie Schlie [email protected]
Committee for Anglophone Social Action (CASA) Cathy Brown [email protected]
Douglas Community Centre/Centre communautaire Douglas Suzanne Briand, coordinator [email protected]
MRC d'Argenteuil Catherine Lapointe [email protected]
Chateauguay Valley Historical Society / Société Historique de la Vallée de la Châteauguay Ken Dolphin, President [email protected]
Dalkeith Historical Society Frances Fraser [email protected]
Ste-Anne-de-Bout-de-l'Ile Historical Society / Société historique de Ste-Anne-de-Bout-de-l'Ile Doreen Croll [email protected]
English Community Organization of Lanaudiere (ECOL) Michelle Eaton-Lusignan [email protected]
Bury Historical and Heritage Society Edward Pedersen [email protected]
English-speaking Catholic Council Inc. Anna Farrow [email protected]
Eastern Townships Resource Centre / Centre de ressources pour l'étude des Cantons-de-l'Est Fabian Will [email protected]
Heritage Lower St-Lawrence Philippe Dufort [email protected]
Heritage New Carlisle / Héritage New Carlisle Betty Anne Smollett [email protected]
Héritage Sutton Carole Kierulf [email protected]
Heritage Treasures Museum [email protected]
Hemmingford Archives / Archives Hemmingford Myrna Paquette [email protected]
Harrington Harbour Tourism Association Keith Rowsell [email protected]
Société d'histoire Mouillepied Yves Guillet [email protected]
Georgeville Historical Society Steve Moore [email protected]
Greenwood Centre for Living History / Le Centre d'histoire vivante Greenwood Audrey Wall [email protected]
Cantley 1889 [email protected]
Mulgrave & Derry Historical Society Sheila Achtell [email protected]
Black Community Resource Centre General [email protected]
Colby-Curtis Museum - Stanstead Historical Society / Musée Colby-Curtis - Société historique de Stanstead Samuel Gaudreau-Lalande [email protected]
Eaton Corner Museum(Compton County Historical Museum Society) / Musée de la Société d'histoire du comté de Compton, Eaton Corner Sharon Moore [email protected]
Fairbairn House Heritage Centre / Centre patrimonial Maison Fairbairn Michael Cooper [email protected]
Vimy Foundation / Canadian Centre for the Great War Caitlin Bailey [email protected]
Gatineau Valley Historical Society Marc Cockburn [email protected]
Mile End Memories / Memoire du Mile End Justin Bur [email protected]
Missisquoi Museum (Missisquoi Historical Society) / Musée Missisquoi (Société d'histoire de Missisquoi) Heather Darch [email protected]
Literary & Historical Society of Quebec/Morrin Centre (418) 694-9147 [email protected]
Mount Royal Cemetery Company [email protected]
Potton Heritage Association Inc. / Association du Patrimoine de Potton Inc. Sandra Jewett [email protected]
Quebec Federation of Home and School Association Inc. Carol Meindl [email protected]
Richmond County Historical Society / Société d'histoire du comté de Richmond [email protected]
Beaurepaire-Beaconsfield Historical Society / Société d'histoire de Beaurepaire-Beaconsfield [email protected]
Sherbrooke Jewish Community History Project Dean Echenberg [email protected]
Bolton Historical Society/Société d'histoire de Bolton [email protected]
Dorval Historical Society / Société historique de Dorval Michel Hébert [email protected]
St. Andrew's Society of Montreal [email protected]
Theatre Wakefield Lynn Forrest [email protected]
Westmount Historical Association / Société d'histoire de Westmount [email protected]
Y4Y Quebec [email protected]
Centre for Access to Service in English (CASEMCQ) Shannon Keenan [email protected]
Walbridge Conservation Area Foundation J. Hardy Craft [email protected]
Vision Gaspé-Percé Now Jessica Synnott [email protected]
Pettes Memorial Library Jana Valasek [email protected]
Ministère de la Culture et des Communication/Bibliothèque Jean Dion [email protected]
Norway Bay Historical Society / Société historique de Norway Bay Joann Gulliford [email protected]
Alex Dworkin Canadian Jewish Archives Janice Rosen [email protected]
Lennoxville-Ascot Historical and Museum Society / Société d'histoire et du musée de Lennoxville-Ascot General [email protected]
Université Laval Bibliothèque Laury Ann Valcourt-Belzile [email protected]
Haskell Free Library and Opera House / Bibliothèque et salle d'opéra Haskell Nancy Rumery [email protected]
Bishop's University Library-Acquisitions Lee St-Onge [email protected]
Atwater Library of Montreal Lynn Verge [email protected]
Canadian Heritage of Quebec General Contact [email protected]
Canadian Railroad Historical Association / Association canadienne d'histoire ferroviaire Maurice Benette [email protected]
Patrimoine-Ascott-Heritage / Little Forks Branch UELAC Bev Loomis [email protected]
McGill Community for Lifelong Learning (MCLL) [email protected]
Morin Heights Historical Association / Association historique de Morin-Heights [email protected]
Musée d'histoire de Sherbrooke Michel Harnois [email protected] Dorothy Williams [email protected]
Sir John Johnson Branch UELAC [email protected]
Hudson Historical Society Maben Poirier [email protected]
Musée Donald Morrison (Comité de développement de la municipalité de Milan) Bernard Grenier [email protected]
Irish Heritage Quebec Joseph Lonergan [email protected]
North Shore Commuinty Association / Association communautaire de la Cote-Nord Jody Lessard [email protected]
Old North Church Cemetery Association Terry Skeats [email protected]
Société d'histoire du Canton d'Orford [email protected]
Committee for the Enhancement of the Curriculum of the History of Quebec (ComECH-QC) Brian Rock [email protected]
Quebec Protestant Education Research Project Roderick MacLeod [email protected]
KlezKanada Sebastian Schulman [email protected]
Site historique du Banc-de-Pêche de Paspébiac Thomas Martens [email protected]
Société d'histoire de Sillery general contact [email protected]
Park Extension Historical Society Mary McCutcheon [email protected]
Cowansville Historical Society / Société d'histoire de Cowansville Michel Racicot [email protected]
South Shore Community Partners Kevin Erskine-Henry [email protected]
Army, Navy, Air Force Veterans in Canada Unit-318 Museum Tim Belford [email protected]
Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre / Centre culturel et du patrimoine Uplands General [email protected]