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Briefs, Reports and Proceedings

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1. REFLEXIONS SUR LE PATRIMOINE RELIGIEUX ET LES COMMUNAUTÉS ANGLOPHONES DU QUEBEC : Une mémoire déposé avec la Commission de la Culture dans le cadre de la Consultation générale sur la patrimoine religieux du Québec. Québec, 2006.
2. Document de réflexion sur Un regard neuf sur le patrimoine culturel. Révision proposée de la Loi sur les biens culturels du Québec, présenté par le Réseau du patrimoine anglophone du Québec (QAHN). 2008.
3a. Preserving Our Heritage Together: A Brief submitted to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Official Languages (LANG), Ottawa, 2012.
3b. Maintenons ensemble notre patrimoine : Mémoire remis au Comité permanent des langues officielles de la Chambre des communes (LANG), Ottawa, 2012.
4. Mémoire du Réseau du patrimoine anglophone du Québec au Conseil du patrimoine culturel du Québec dans le cadre des consultations publiques du Plan de conservation du site patrimonial de Sillery, Québec, 2013.
5. Response of the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network to the Public consultation on the reinforcement of the teaching of Québec history in elementary and secondary school, 2013.
6. Presentation to the Library and Archives of Canada, Ottawa, 2014.
7. The Cultural Heritage Act (Bill 82): An Overview and an Assessment, 2014.
8. Strengthening Heritage Institutions and Communities Together: A Brief submitted to the 2016 Cross-Canada Official Languages Consultations, Department of Canadian Heritage, Ottawa, 2016.

Conference Programmes/Proceedings:

  1. 2007 Montreal Mosaic Heritage Summit Summary. QAHN produced a chronological summary of the proceedings of its Montreal Mosaic Heritage Summit held at the McCord Museum.
  2. 2008 Roots Quebec Heritage Summit Programme. QAHN"s 2008 Roots Quebec Heritage Summit was held on Thanksgiving weekend, Oct. 11 and 12, at the Morrin Centre in Quebec City.
  3. 2008 Sister Societies of Montreal. QAHN's Sister Societies of Montreal conference was held on Saturday, April 19, 2008, at the historic Montreal Masonic Memorial Temple on Sherbrooke Street.

Project Reports:

1. 2008 Cemetery Heritage Inventory and Restoration Initiative (CHIRI) Final Report. In 2008, QAHN undertook the Cemetery Heritage Inventory and Restoration Initiative (CHIRI), a survey of more than 300 old anglophone graveyards in five Quebec regions, Estrie, Montérégie, Laurentides, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and Outaouais.


1. Volunteering Matters: The Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network's Guide to Volunteer Recruitment. Sherbrooke, 2016.