New Local History Book: Low Municipality - Reflections of the Past

Low: Reflections of the Past

--January 8, 2016.

low.png“Low Municipality - Reflections of the Past,” by Don Kealey.

About the Book:

Take a step back in time to the mid 1800s and read about how the Municipality of Low, Quebec, progressed from a logging outpost, to a colonization settlement, to finally an intriguing, vibrant township which included the regions of Brennan's Hill, Venosta, Low, Fieldville and the Manitou.

This book walks you through the 1895 Tax Revolt of Low (Battle of Brennan's Hill), the arrival of the Gatineau Valley Railroad to the Municipality of Low in 1892, and the monumental task of building the Paugan Falls Hydro Electric Project from 1927-29.

The “Characters” section of the book displays a large photo collection of past residents of Low Municipality portrayed in a variety of surroundings ranging from individual and groups photos, to church, school, logging, farming, and sport settings.

About the Author:
Don Kealey is a native of Low, Quebec, with deep Irish roots in the community. This is his initial effort in the writing and publishing of a book.

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