Outaouais Photo Quiz: Name That Village!

Matthew Farfan

--November 22, 2016.

1) This famous turn-of-the-century yacht club occupied a stretch of Ottawa River waterfront in what town?
a) Hull
b) Aylmer
c) Shawville
d) Quyon

2) Norway Bay was a popular summertime destination located in which Ottawa River township?
a) Bristol
b) Chapeau
c) Campbell's Bay
d) None of the above

3) This village, seen here in 1908, is named after a lumber baron, provincial politician and founder of the Ottawa Bank. Name it!
a) Calumet
b) Bryson
c) Hull
d) Gatineau

4) The early history of this town, pictured here c.1910, was dominated by the Maclaren family, which controlled the lumber, pulp and hydroelectric industries in the area for decades. Today the town is a part of the City of Gatineau. Name it!
a) Hull
b) Aylmer
c) Buckingham
d) Masson

5) As the county seat for Pontiac, this village, which is located between Shawville and Fort Coulonge, is home to county government offices, a courthouse and other government services. Name the village!
a) Campbell's Bay
b) Bryson
c) Portage-du-Fort
d) Quyon

6) Name this Gatineau River village, seen here during a flood, c.1908.
a) Wakefield
b) Maniwaki
c) Chelsea
d) Wright

7) The famous Seigniory Club, situated in which Ottawa River community, boasted a curling rink, among other amenities?
a) Montebello
b) Fassett
c) Hull
d) Aylmer

8) This town, pictured here about 1900, was famous for its brick production, and many homes and businesses were made with local bricks. What town is it?
a) Pontiac
b) Fort Coulonge
c) Shawville
d) Campbell's Bay

9) This village, seen here c.1910, was once an important lumber centre on the Gatineau River. Today it is home to a covered bridge, a heritage centre and a vibrant tourism industry. Name the village!
a) Gatineau
b) Wakefield
c) Low
d) Alcove

10) This village on the Ottawa River was once the site of a portage around a series of waterfalls. Today, a bridge at this spot crosses the river into Ontario. What village is it?
a) Pontiac
b) Bryson
c) Quyon
d) Portage-du-Fort

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