Townships Trivia: Magog

Matthew Farfan

1) What is the former name of Magog?
a) Cherry River
b) The Outlet
c) Magog Mills

2) Which of the following is Magog’s oldest house?
a) The Bowen House
b) The Merry House
c) The Moore House

3) The outlet of Lake Memphremagog, located in Magog, is which of these rivers?
a) Cherry River
b) Magog River
c) Tomifobia River

4) Who was the first mayor of the village of Magog?
a) Alvin Moore
b) Erasmus Smith
c) L. A. Audet

5) Which of the following steamers was launched in Magog in 1867?
a) The Mountain Maid
b) The Lady of the Lake
c) The Anthemis

6) Which company was the main employer in Magog for close to a century?
a) Dominion Textile
b) The Waterloo and Magog Railway
c) Canadian Pacific Railway

7) Which of the following is not a street in Magog?
a) Sherbrooke
b) Merry
c) Orford

8) Who built the first mills in what is now Magog?
a) Ralph Merry I
b) Ralph Merry II
c) Nicholas Austin

9) Which is oldest church in Magog?
a) Saint-Patrice Catholic Church
b) The Baptist Evangelical Church
c) Saint Luke’s Anglican Church

10) Which of the following Magog hotels burned to the ground in 1905?
a) Park House
b) Battles House
c) Union Hotel

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