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Carol Martin

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Year of Award: 
Carol Martin

In 2011, QAHN is very pleased to announce that the recipient of the Marion Phelps Award is Carol Martin of the Gatineau Valley Historical Society. Since 1991, Carol has been the editor of Up the Gatineau, the annual local history journal of the Gatineau Valley Historical Society. To date, she has edited twenty-one volumes of this publication. Carol has been a member of the GVHS executive in various capacities since 1976. She has been a long-time volunteer archivist at the Chelsea Library and has been responsible for assisting the public with a variety of inquiries related to local genealogy, cemeteries and census records. In addition, Carol has volunteered with the annual GVHS antiques and collectibles auction, and has served as a citizen member on the Heritage and Culture Committee of the Municipality of Chelsea.

Over the years, Carol has shown exceptional organizational skills and has contributed much towards the preservation and publication of the history of Chelsea in particular and the Outaouais region in general. Her enormous contributions to heritage were acknowledged by her fellow historians of the Gatineau Valley Historical Society and the Fairbairn House Heritage Centre, as well as by the Municipality of Chelsea, all of whom nominated her for the 2011 Marion Phelps Award.