Outstanding Townshipper Award

Year of Award:
Outstanding Townshipper Award

JoAnn Oberg-Muller:
"An American by birth, Jo-Ann Oberg-Muller came to Canada many years ago and worked as a recruitment officer at Concordia. Her 40-year career also included working for both McGill and Bishop’s. Jo-Ann’s adopted home is Knowlton, but her many volunteer activities have taken her all over the Eastern Townships -- making her a real friend to all of her adopted community.

With her upbeat and positive attitude, Jo-Ann is a motivator. She goes out of her way to make people feel comfortable, included, and joyful. Anyone who knows JoAnn will know that she loves to talk. They will also know that she has a terrific, sometimes black, sense of humour (maybe this is why I like her so much!). Despite some serious personal challenges in her own life, JoAnn always manages to appear UPBEAT, FUN, and POSITIVE... I find this truly inspirational !

JoAnn is a committed volunteer who is not afraid to work. Whether it’s serving as a director on one of many local boards, or manning a table and meeting people at a community event, assisting with outreach, or judging student projects, she is always ready to help.

JoAnn is a careful thinker, and an excellent ambassador for the many community organizations she has become involved with. Here is just a small sample of the organizations in the region that have benefitted from Jo-Ann’s generosity:

- The Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network (which I represent)
- The Brome County Historical Society
- The Canadian Club of the Yamaska Valley
- Townshippers’ Foundation
- The Frontier Animal Society
- Radio Communitaire Missisquoi
- The SPCA Cowansville
- The Knowlton Theatre
- And no doubt there are others!

Jo-Ann, we are very fortunate to have to have you in our community.

On behalf of Townshippers’ Association, it is my pleasure to honour your remarkable spirit and great record of giving back with the 2018 Outstanding Townshippers award."

Matthew Farfan, Executive Director, QAHN