Richard (Rick) Smith

Year of Award:
Richard (Rick) Smith

The Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network's annual Marion Phelps Award recognizes "outstanding long-term contributions by an individual to the preservation and promotion of Anglophone heritage in the province of Quebec." This year, we are proud to present this award to Richard ("Rick") Smith.

A graduate of Sir George Williams University (now a part of Concordia) where he received a Bachelor of Arts in History, Rick first became interested in local, community history when he moved to LaSalle in the 1990s. He joined the Société historique Cavelier-de-LaSalle and held various positions on the board of that organization, including those of Treasurer, Vice-President and President.

Rick was delegated to attend the annual congrès of the FHQ for several years, and was a founding member of the FHQ's Comité du patrimoine. He replaced Dick Evans on the FHQ board as a liaison with the English-speaking historical societies. He became the FHQ's representative for the Island of Montreal. Among other activities, he helped to set up the Table de concertation des Sociétés de l’Île de Montréal which meets once a year. He has also represented the FHQ at many events in Montreal.

While serving on the board of the FHQ, Rick was asked to attend an Annual General Meeting of the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network. He became interested in our work, found our members approachable and friendly, and accepted a position on the board in 2004. Rick served as Secretary for several years and was a founding member of QAHN's Montreal Committee.

Over the years, Rick has assisted in organizing a number of QAHN activities and events, most notably our successful Annual Montreal Wine and Cheese, held each year at a different heritage location in the city.

Now, following a long and productive association with both QAHN and the Fédération Histoire Québec, Rick is stepping back from his direct role in both organizations. Fortunately, although he is retiring from the QAHN board (as he did last year from the FHQ board), he intends to remain active in various projects. He has worked hard to ensure that our joint 2017 QAHN-FHQ Convention is a successful one, even serving as the Président d'honneur. Needless to say, the fact that QAHN and the FHQ have worked so well together over the years is a source of great pride to Rick.

We at QAHN are very proud of Rick and his many accomplishments in the heritage field, and we are pleased to be able to grant him the Marion Phelps Award. Congratulations and well done!