QAHN's 2024 Heritage Talks presents: "Stone by Stone: The Canadian Irish Migration Preservation Network and Irish Cemetery Restoration, Preservation, Education and Genealogical Research," with Kelley O'Rourke, Laurie McKeown, and Fergus Keyes

Broken headstones in the Saint-Colomban Cemetery. Photo credit: Kelley O’Rourke
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This presentation will shine a spotlight on The Canadian Irish Migration Preservation Network’s ongoing restoration efforts within the historic Saint-Colomban Cemetery. The meticulous work undertaken by volunteers and professionals to clean and revitalize these historic monuments, honours the memory of early Irish settlers. The first completed map of the historic section of the Saint-Colomban Cemetery will also be unveiled. This valuable resource will be available on the CIMPN website alongside historical narratives that bring to life the stories of these early Irish settlers.

Kelley O’Rourke earned a BA from Concordia University, LD from Guelph University and is currently completing her MSc at Concordia University. She is president of the Canadian Irish Migration Preservation Network and is a Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation’s board member.

Laurie McKeown earned a BA in Irish Studies and a Certificate in Photography from Concordia University in Montreal. She is on the executive board of the St. Patrick’s Society of Montreal and the Canadian Irish Migration Preservation Network.

Fergus Keyes has played a vital role in restoring the historic Irish cemetery in Saint-Colomban, Qc, and is the current vice-president of the Canadian Irish Migration Preservation Network (CIMPN). He has worked tirelessly for the Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation's efforts to build a memorial space for the Black Rock.

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