Institutional Members

Member Contact Person Email
Hemmingford Archives / Archives Hemmingford Myrna Paquette [email protected]
Heritage Lower St-Lawrence Susan Woodfine [email protected]
Heritage New Carlisle / Héritage New Carlisle Karine Lacroix [email protected]
Héritage Sutton Carole Kierulf [email protected]
Heritage Treasures Museum [email protected]
Hudson Historical Society Maben Poirier [email protected]
Irish Heritage Quebec Joseph Lonergan [email protected]
KlezKanada Sebastian Schulman [email protected]
Lac Brome Museum Arlene Royea [email protected]
Lennoxville & District Women's Centre
Lennoxville-Ascot Historical and Museum Society / Société d'histoire et du musée de Lennoxville-Ascot General [email protected]
Literary & Historical Society of Quebec/Morrin Centre (418) 694-9147 [email protected]
Maison Merry Sophie Charbonneau [email protected]
Malvern Cemetery Co. General
McGill Community for Lifelong Learning (MCLL) [email protected]
Mile End Memories / Memoire du Mile End Justin Bur [email protected]
Ministère de la Culture et des Communication/Bibliothèque Jean Dion [email protected]
Missisquoi Museum (Missisquoi Historical Society) / Musée Missisquoi (Société d'histoire de Missisquoi) Heather Darch [email protected]
Morin Heights Historical Association / Association historique de Morin-Heights [email protected]
Mount Royal Cemetery Company [email protected]
MRC d'Argenteuil Catherine Lapointe [email protected]
Mulgrave & Derry Historical Society Sheila Achtell [email protected]
Musée Bruck Museum Suzanne Morin
Musée Copp's Ferry Museum
Musée d'histoire de Sherbrooke Michel Harnois [email protected]