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Mapping the Mosaic: Montreal and Its Diverse Neighbourhoods

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2013 Project:

“Mapping the Mosaic: Montreal and Its Diverse Neighbourhoods” is an online digital platform for the collection, promotion and dissemination of the histories and memories of the English-speaking residents of Montreal and its suburbs. It features Public Participation Geographic Information Systems (PPIGIS) technologies. The project aims to promote community vitality by supporting already-existing community groups and by being a focal point for the creation of community groups in other areas of the city and suburbs. The resources gathered will be of use to professional historians and writers, as well as to secondary- cegep-, and university-level educational institutions. But they will be especially relevant to the residents themselves.


Mapping the Mosaic is an easy-to-use, community-driven site designed to chart the collected memories of English-speaking communities in the Greater Montreal Area. Users of all interests can share experiences and expertise of where their history happened by pinning favourite stories, photos or video to an interactive map of neighbourhoods throughout Montreal, Laval and off-island suburbs.

No point is too small for Mapping the Mosaic! Teachers, academics, historical societies, cultural associations, and interested individuals are all invited to explore, discover and contribute.

Childhood memories of life on your street? Archival photos of lost buildings? Little-known episodes in the life of a neighbourhood school, place of worship or local hangout? Memories of colourful characters or local sports heroes? The grand achievements of entrepreneurs, artists, or innovators? Mapping the Mosaic is a “people’s history” that welcomes all these and more.

Submitted stories are divided into two main sections. “Memories” tell personal stories of real, lived experiences -- from first-hand recollections of life in a particular neighbourhood, to inherited family stories or archival anecdotes of traditional ways of life. “Histories” focus on factual history – stories about the people, places and events that have shaped Montreal history.

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