Magdalen Islands Historian and 2006 Phelps Award Winner Byron Clark Dies

Byron Clark (1933-2019)
Byron Clark (1933-2019)

byron.jpg--July 22, 2019.

2006 Marion Phelps Award winner Byron Clark has passed away peacefully at his home, surrounded by family. Born at Old Harry, in the Magdalen Islands in March 1933, Byron Clark was active in his community in many ways. He served for many years as the organist at Holy Trinity Church; as mayor for one term of Grosse Ile; as the founding general manager of Cap Dauphin Fisherman’s Cooperative; and as a local historian who contributed invaluable historical information to the community, in particular in relation to its local English-speaking inhabitants.

After his career as a fishery officer, Byron Clark became an avid researcher of history and was the author of several books on local history, including Gleanings on the Magdalen Island, published in 2000.

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