QAHN Letter to Élisabeth Brière, Sherbrooke MP, RE: Historic Armouries

Sherbrooke Hussars. Photo - courtesy of Canadian Armed Forces
Sherbrooke Hussars. Photo - courtesy of Canadian Armed Forces

April 27, 2021

Madame Élisabeth Brière,
Member of Parliament
1640 King Street West
Suite M-10
Sherbrooke, Quebec
J1J 2C3

RE: Sherbrooke Hussars and Colonel-Gaëtan-Côté Armouries

Dear Madame Brière,

The Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network (QAHN), which is based in Sherbrooke, has been following with great interest recent developments concerning the historic Sherbrooke Hussars armoury on William Street, and the Colonel-Gaëtan-Côté armoury on Belvédère Sud.

As you know, the City of Sherbrooke has been working hard to preserve its historic core over the past several years. These two military buildings constitute a vital aspect of our city’s architectural heritage, and one that we believe absolutely must be preserved.

The Sherbrooke Hussars armoury dates back to 1839, when it was built as the district courthouse. This imposing edifice is one of the oldest in Sherbrooke, and the oldest public building still standing in the city. Its neo-classical architecture, in particular the striking colonnaded portico that dominates the façade, are rare survivals of early nineteenth century institutional architecture in the Eastern Townships. Thus, the armoury is an important tangible link both to the region’s important military history and to the city’s status as the centre of the judicial District of St. Francis. That history extends back to the first decades of settlement in the region.

For its part, the Colonel-Gaëtan-Côté armoury was designated as a heritage building by the Government of Canada in 1991. Both the Hussars and the Colonel-Gaëtan-Côté armouries were granted “A-list” heritage status by the City of Sherbrooke, rare designations indeed.

For all of these reasons, Madame Brière, we believe emphatically that these two important buildings must be preserved and restored. Please do not let our precious heritage slip away.


Matthew Farfan
Executive Director

Harjit Sajjan, Ministre de la Défense nationale
Ville de Sherbrooke
Fédération Histoire Québec
La Tribune de Sherbrooke
Sherbrooke Record