QAHN's "Mentorship & Training for Community Heritage" (MATCH) program continues to grow!

--May 27, 2024.

QAHN's 3-year “Mentorship Assistance and Training for Community Heritage (MATCH)” program, funded by Quebec’s Secrétariat aux relations avec les Québécois d'expression anglaise (SRQEA), continues to grow as it heads into its 2nd year!

At the Merry House in Magog.

According to QAHN executive director Matthew Farfan, “this project is all about providing training and mentorship to heritage groups traditionally connected with Quebec’s English-speaking community – the historical societies, museums, archives, and other community-based and usually volunteer-run heritage organizations that make up our heritage network.”

The types of training vary widely, and include areas as diverse as policy-writing, conservation techniques, exhibition design, recruiting volunteers, communications and marketing, digital and hybrid programming, oral history techniques, the ins and outs of accreditation, board leadership and succession, and so on. “Basically whatever area is in demand, we will find the trainers to meet that need.” 

QAHN's current roster of trainers includes Heather Darch, Rola Helou, Fergus Keyes, Samuel Gaudreau-Lalande, Rachel Lambie, Glenn Patterson, and Jody Robinson, among others. 

QAHN project director Dwane Wilkin has been leading this exciting initiative. Year 1 training activities took place in Montreal, the Eastern Townships, the Quebec City region, the Gaspé, the Magdalen Islands, West Quebec, and the Châteauguay Valley. According to Dwane Wilkin, MATCH programming during Year 2 will be just as enriching. This project, he says, "exemplifies the many benefits that come from investing in community-directed learning opportunities... MATCH is not just a series of training workshops, but rather a way to support ongoing, often informal, exchanges of expertise and know-how among community members and colleagues." 

Feedback from participants continues to be excellent. "So far, workshops have been incredible," one participant reported, pointing to the high praise instructors have consistently received since we launched the program. Another participant noted the "extensive knowledge and experience" conveyed during training sessions. "The learnings of the day and the tools shared with us will be very beneficial to my board and myself."

If your organization would like to know more about how it can participate, please contact Dwane at: [email protected].

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**Note: if your organization is looking for help in other areas, let us know! We may be able to assist you! 

This program is generously funded by the Gouvernement du Québec.