"Raising Spirits" film crew crisscross Laurentians, battling bugs in pursuit of stories

Raising Spirits

--June 5, 2024.

QAHN's intrepid film crew (host Heather Darch & videographer/editor Allison Kirkwood) spent several days this spring, crisscrossing the Laurentians and braving the heat and the blackflies, all in search of stories for our next documentary film series, "Raising Spirits: Exploring the Cemeteries, Crossroads and Vanishing Places of Rural Quebec." 

One of our very special guests this year, seen here with Heather (left) and Allison, is Joseph Graham - Author, a longtime contributor to our quarterly magazine Quebec Heritage News, and the author of several books, including Naming the Laurentians and Insatiable Hunger: Colonial Encounters in Context.

Photo - Allison Kirkwood.