Upgrades now under way at Richmond County Museum, with help from QAHN and the SRQEA

RCHS president Norma Husk (left) and QAHN vice president Jody Robinson
RCHS president Norma Husk (left) and QAHN vice president Jody Robinson. Photo – Matthew Farfan.

--February 25, 2022.

With funding through the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network’s “Local Built Heritage Restoration Initiative,” which is itself supported by Quebec’s Secrétariat aux relations avec les Québécois d'expression anglaise, the Richmond County Historical Society (RCHS) has now begun some important upgrades to its museum facility in Melbourne.

The RCHS has just received a grant from QAHN to help cover work on the historic former Presbyterian manse, now the regional museum, to make the building more senior- and handicap-accessible. The work includes the construction of a ramp at the rear of the 170-year-old building and a wheelchair-accessible washroom on the first floor.

“The historical society moved into the old manse in 2015, and access has been an issue ever since,” explains QAHN executive director Matthew Farfan. “Sometimes heritage buildings just need a little bit of tweaking to help them adapt to modern-day needs and realities. And there are ways to do things in a way that respects the beauty and integrity of the historic structure. And what a beautiful museum this is!”

RCHS president Norma Husk visited the QAHN offices today, where QAHN vice president Jody Robinson presented her with a cheque for $10,000. “We are very grateful to our partners at QAHN and the Secrétariat for supporting this initiative. There is still so much important work to be done though, so we are really hoping to be able to continue this program.”

Accepting the cheque on behalf of her organization, Husk said that the historical society was very grateful for the support. “This is a huge help, and we really appreciate it… it is more than timely.”